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Welcome to the Lancaster Social Network Site

Next Meeting: Wednesday 24th September 2014, 17:00-19:00, 10-12 China Street, Lancaster, Lancashire, LA1 1EX

Details of events here.


The Lancaster Social is an event held three times a year in the Lancaster district as an open forum. Any individual, organisation or service are welcome to join us, our hope is to create a broad network for the cooperative cross-pollination of experience and ideals. Each meeting has a specific format incorporating a QA session where you can bring your digital/social media queries; a short introduction to an open tool to use by yourself or your organisation; and the chance to meet and make connections in a relaxed environment.

The meetings are held in a local venue with the emphasis on open admission and no barrier to entry, if you want to meet and be a part of the growing community, to network and maintain connections, or to bring an issue or learn a new tool, then you’re welcome.

The aims of the Lancaster Social Network are:

  1. Free Networking (as in there is no membership charges etc., there will be a small charge to cover venue and drinks which will be determined by the hosts);
  2. Open access to official organisations and member organisations – so cross-polination of networks;
  3. connect your business to the businesses, environments and individuals around you;
  4. Introductory lectures on Accessible Open Tools for Business;
  5. Forging relationships that are:
  • Business
  • Academia
  • Government
  • Community
  • Social
  • Individual

What will each Session look like?

Open Networking – Short Lecture – QA Session – Open Networking

  • Networking for 20mins
  • 20-30 mins for a lecture (10 minute lecture with time for Q&A) focussed upon open tools for open business by a guest speaker
  • 20-30 mins networking (determined by previous session)
  • QA Session – bring us your issues and lets see if we can all solve them together
  • 10mins closing

Can I appear on this website?

Please feel free to add yourself to the Lancaster Social Network Members Pages. To do so you can sign up to the site and submit a page, you will have to email us the images you want to use or wait until your post has been approved and your user status upgraded to Editor from Contributor (the default setting). Or you can simply email us your details in the following format:

  • Name: Your Name
  • Company: Company Name (if needed)
  • Email: email address (public)
  • Email: email address (private, if different to above, will be used for administrative contact, see editing below)
  • Based: Location (need not be a full address)
  • Text: Some text about you or your company
  • Images: Please make sure you use descriptive names (not too long) so a logo image would be ‘companyname_logo’. Images should be no more than 100dpi and no greater than 1,200px width and less than 1mb in size each. If you wish a caption for the images then use the tag Caption: (image name) Text of Caption

At this point we are investigating allowing an auto submission and upload form, though if you wish to help extend and further this site please contact us and join the team. Once your page has been created a username and password will be created and you will be allowed to edit your own page. We reserve the right to remove inappropriate content. You may only edit your own page, you may only add material related to yourself or your business that follows the general spirit of open networking. Breaches will be considered as serious and treated with a suspension and a review.

4 thoughts on “Main

  1. hello

    I have tried to sign up, I’m just waiting on my login password to arrive. In the meantime:

    What is an open tool? Who is your guest speaker? Is anyone coming? or just one person from each category of business? ie only one artist allowed, or only one bakery etc

    I have now finished with the quick fire questions!

    Cant wait to hear from you. Site looks great by the way.



    • Mungulat0r says:

      Hi Victoria,

      Q: What is an open tool?

      A: We are defining an open tool as any freely available software, for little or no price, that can be used in personal life or business for fun or profit. To start we will look at something fun but on future occasions we hope to show people how to use low cost alternatives that enable them to work in business effectively for lower costs.

      Q: Who is your guest speaker?

      A: The first speaker is Mark Keating of Shadowcat Systems as volunteered by Jane Binnion.

      Q: Is anyone coming? or just one person from each category of business? i.e. only one artist allowed, or only one bakery etc

      A: The whole notion is a completely open forum, there are no restrictions. I will make sure to say that again, no restrictions. There is no cost to entry, no requirements, you can be a business, individual, student, charity, government representative, you can have one/many from the same organisation. Frankly, we don’t care. The idea is to have this as open and accessible as possible with the intention of letting people meet, share knowledge and experience and build connections that are cross sector.

      Site looks great by the way.

      Thank you, we are open to people joining in and adding content/suggestions and improving things so if anyone feels confident, just say hello. I have made you an editor please add your page (as a post) and upload images – remember to choose a featured image from the new post sidebar.


      Mark Keating

  2. Jack Knight says:

    Hiya, the link in the menu bar for “Questions and Answers” doesn’t link up to the Questions page (

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