Welcome to the Lancaster Social Network

Next Meeting: Thursday 26th February 2015, 17:00-19:00, The Chapel, White Cross, Lancaster, Lancashire

Details of events here.


The Lancaster Social is an event held three times a year in the Lancaster district as an open forum. Any individual, organisation or service are welcome to join us, our hope is to create a broad network for the cooperative cross-pollination of experience and ideals. Each meeting has a specific format incorporating a QA session where you can bring your digital/social media queries; a short introduction to an open tool to use by yourself or your organisation; and the chance to meet and make connections in a relaxed environment.

The meetings are held in a local venue with the emphasis on open admission and no barrier to entry, if you want to meet and be a part of the growing community, to network and maintain connections, or to bring an issue or learn a new tool, then you’re welcome.

The aims of the Lancaster Social Network are:

  1. Free Networking (as in there is no membership charges etc., there will be a small charge to cover venue and drinks which will be determined by the hosts);
  2. Open access to official organisations and member organisations – so cross-polination of networks;
  3. connect your business to the businesses, environments and individuals around you;
  4. Introductory lectures on Accessible Open Tools for Business;
  5. Forging relationships that are:
  • Business
  • Academia
  • Government
  • Community
  • Social
  • Individual

What will each Session look like?

Open Networking – Short Lecture – QA Session – Open Networking

  • Networking for 20mins
  • 20-30 mins for a lecture (10 minute lecture with time for Q&A) focussed upon open tools for open business by a guest speaker
  • 20-30 mins networking (determined by previous session)
  • QA Session – bring us your issues and lets see if we can all solve them together
  • 10mins closing

Can I appear on this website?

Yes, of course you can. Visit the Join Us page to find out how.