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Please feel free to add yourself to the Lancaster Social Network Members Pages. To do so you can sign up to the site and submit a page, you will have to email us the images you want to use or wait until your post has been approved and your user status upgraded to Editor from Contributor (the default setting). Or you can simply email us your details in the following format:

  • Name: Your Name
  • Company: Company Name (if needed)
  • Email: email address (public)
  • Email: email address (private, if different to above, will be used for administrative contact, see editing below)
  • Based: Location (need not be a full address)
  • Text: Some text about you or your company
  • Images: Please make sure you use descriptive names (not too long) so a logo image would be ‘companyname_logo’. Images should be no more than 100dpi and no greater than 1,200px width and less than 1mb in size each. If you wish a caption for the images then use the tag Caption: (image name) Text of Caption

At this point we are investigating allowing an auto submission and upload form, though if you wish to help extend and further this site please contact us and join the team. Once your page has been created a username and password will be created and you will be allowed to edit your own page. We reserve the right to remove inappropriate content. You may only edit your own page, you may only add material related to yourself or your business that follows the general spirit of open networking. Breaches will be considered as serious and treated with a suspension and a review.

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