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My name’s Tony Haslam and I’ve been running Reliable Internet Marketing in Lancaster for a couple of years now. I work with small enterprises and organisations who have already built themselves, or had built for them, a website that was supposed to help them promote their business but that nobody ever visits!

These days everybody who starts up a business is recommended to get a website. It can serve as a showcase for your talents and your wares and you can print the domain name on your business card to serve as a brochure that everyone you meet can refer to, whenever they feel like it. That’s fine – nothing wrong with a brochure site.

But what if you want to promote yourself to people that you never meet? Well, you could send them an invitation to visit your website in a letter that arrives through their mailbox. Not a bad idea, actually, if you have a database of names and addresses of individuals or organisations that could use your products or services.

The alternative is to use the power of the internet itself to promote your website for you. Search engines exist because everyone these days finds them useful to find out who can provide what they need. Search engines these days favour local businesses in their search results. So if you are a local business or a local organisation servicing local people then it’s not difficult to get the search engines to bring up the pages of your website.

I say it’s not difficult but then, that’s because I’ve been doing this successfully for the past eight years! For novices, or even long standing business owners who just don’t have the time to dedicate to mastering these skills, it can be a minefield!

So if you fancy some insider knowledge and a bit of free advice feel free to invite me out for a coffee in one of our finest Lancaster coffee houses.

You can find my contact details on my own website at Reliable Internet Marketing or just search on Google for Lancaster SEO.

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I've been working with websites full time for the last 7 years using SEO, PPC Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing and other techniques to make them earn their keep by bringing in new visitors and turning them into potential customers.

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