Shadowcat Systems Limited


Shadowcat Systems ( provides bespoke software development, management and integration. We also provide software consultation for developing intricate systems. We are keen supporters of Open Source software, community software and ethical business trading.

Shadowcat do not currently supply specific ‘off the shelf’ solutions or products. Shadowcat create custom solutions from Open Source packages, libraries and frameworks as well as bespoke software development.

Shadowcat contributes significant amount of code to FLOSS (Free Libre Open Source Software) and Open Source projects. These have included complete database management systems (ORM) and frameworks (MVC), as well as several leading libraries in open source languages (specifically Perl). We have also contributed to FLOSS software such as RT (Resource Tracker) and OpenNMS (Open Network Management Systems).

Shadowcat also provide training services to software organisations seeking to expand their team’s knowledge on products in which we have proven expertise.

Shadowcat has a diverse range of customers from multinational software development houses to small business seeking to increase an online presence through custom applications.
Our clients are worldwide as we often work on

their internal systems remotely, primarily they are technical companies or people who deal with integrated computer systems.




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