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I am a virtual lawyer with The Law House situated in Lancaster area.  I specialise in all aspects of Family Law, including Divorce, Separation, Cohabitation, same sex couples, children matters and also Wills, Lasting power of attorney.

We are solicitors with a fresh, modern approach and virtual around the country.  I am virtual so that I can go to client’s at a venue of their choice and flexible.



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  1. Wendy Wharton

    On a day to day basis I assist clients with the divorce process, trying to negotiate financial settlements, helping parties to arrange contact between absent parents and their children, sometimes representing clients in court if there is no compromise and court is the only option open to them. I also help cohabitating couples plan for the future in case of an unseen event, same sex couples, people who have problems with domestic violence. I also prepare wills for people and probate and also prepare Power of Attorney documentation for those in need of it. I attend clients wherever they want to meet and whatever time they wish to meet if they have busy lives, even at weekends.


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